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The dance of the outer planets continues, but changes apace ... Saturn has already moved on from aspecting Neptune and Pluto, and at the start of October will pass exactly inconjunct to Uranus for the final time in some 25 years. By the middle of the month none of the planets from Jupiter outwards are touching each other in any significant shape or form, suggestive of no new major trauma or challenge in the world. But at the more day by day level, be sure that there are going to be lots of developments, both at the personal and the global level. In terms of personal status, the movement of Venus from Scorpio in Sagittarius on the 7th, along with Mars moving from Leo into Virgo a week later on the 15th suggests considerable change in some relationship potentials. And the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, starting on the 21st, will spend the entire month no more than eight degrees away from Saturn, so whilst there may be a dour and sober communication attitude in the world, there will also be the capacity for efficiency and effectiveness that relegates feeling and emotion into second place, at least for this month. Separately and in addition to this Libra new Moon on the 5th will be strongly opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, so expect more of the same when it comes to talking about the levels of intensity, extremism and unpredictability at least during the first half of the month. Big league, things are at least stabilising, but at the personal level, this isn’t going to be an easy month.


AriesAries Although the level of challenge and difficulty is not going to get any easier during October, it’s also safe to say that it’s not going to get any worse either. This is a time where you are balancing out, coming to terms with much of what has happened so far this year, and beginning to formulate new responses to it in a way that’s different to anything that could have happened before this time. If you’re one of those Aries who have found this year to be particularly disruptive or psychologically troublesome, then the new Moon at the start of October should act as a turnaround point, from whence the tide will slowly begin to flow once again in your favour. And on the 18th of the month it is the annual Aries full Moon, a time when you need to exercise just that little degree more caution than normal, when your capacity for doing the typical Aries headfirst and impulsive thing is getting to be a little stronger than average. Perhaps this is also the start of a period of reflection, safe in the knowledge that your situation is beginning to calm down and that the coming months hold a greater degree of stability than so far this year. You really can start to think about dropping some of your shields now, the hardest time of 2012 will be over by the last ten days of this month and the rest of the year should be a lot lighter. Slow release of breath ...


TaurusTaurus You’re coming under a lot of pressure from elsewhere, pressure that is actually nothing to do with you yet nevertheless seems to be at your doorstep. In a weird way, this should be seen as a compliment – people see you as solid enough to dump upon – but this doesn’t make immediate life any easier. Over the whole month you may feel as though you’re under the microscope, and that you’re almost expected to fail in some way by others – certainly there’s a bit of a tight rope in front of you, and it will take focus and concentration to not fall off. And to add to that, the first half of the month also brings with the potential for quite a degree of day by day challenge in the areas of home and family, as well as your professional domain. If you’re going to snap or say or do something you’ll later regret, then this will happen during the first two weeks of October. Perhaps this is not the best month of the year for being out there, projective or overly assertive, as you’ll only tread on toes and make situations worse. Better instead to stay below the radar screen and keep your nose to the grindstone – doing what you do best and persevering in a quiet but determined way. It’s not the easiest month of the year by a long way, but it is a time when if you can just keep going in the face of pressure, you will become steadily stronger and stronger.


GeminiGemini A welcome respite from the madness and intensity of recent times is on offer during October – really! Inevitably, there are conditions, but the overall prognosis is that of a month that becomes increasingly social and even fun. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, none of the big outer planets are affecting you in any difficult way, which along with a complimentary new and full Moon during October is suggestive of no new difficulty or challenge evolving in any substantial way. Secondly, the movement of both Venus and Mars over the coming month suggests that you’re going to be inexoricably drawn into a more social lifestyle, where you’ll find that your company is being sought after more, and that you’re becoming steadily more popular. So whilst the ‘heavy duty’ attention is being focused elsewhere, why not take advantage of this respite and broaden your horizons somewhat, especially when it comes to interactions with both individuals and groups. But keep things light. If you find yourself in suddenly accelerating situations involving yourself and ‘significant other’, enjoy yourself but at the same time don’t let anything get too intense or complicated, because you’re not in the space for anything serious. However, the idea of light-hearted fun coupled with a little extra-special attention does appear very inviting ...


CancerCancer During the first half of 2013 it’s as though you were the dumping ground for everybody else’s problems, and it’s only been since Jupiter moved into Cancer that you’ve really began to start standing up for yourself more. And now that Jupiter is beginning to slow down his headlong rush into your sign, you have to start asking yourself about exactly how much of the last three or four month’s events have real value, substance and worth in them? It may well be that there’s a lot of white elephants about, people promising more than they can deliver and situations becoming a little over the top. If so, you’ll probably be finding yourself increasingly teetering on an edge, so if you feel that you’re perhaps over extending yourself, pull back now whilst you still can – by November it may be too late. The potential for going one step too far and thus over the edge is strong now, and October isn’t going to get any easier, so the real question here is: Are you wise enough to be able to say ‘I think I’ll stop here, I’ve had enough’? It seems that the coming four or five months are going to be spent consolidating some of the things that have happened recently, leading to further growth and development in the second quarter of 2014. Better now to anchor yourself and let the rest of your life catch up with you than go full speed into uncharted territory.


LeoLeo The period of September and the first half of October is perhaps the most hectic and volatile time of the year, as represented by having Mars in your sign. On the one hand this is bringing a great deal of assertive and projective energy into your life, making you more comfortable with taking the initiative and also making you more self-confident and focussed. On the other hand, your levels of subtlety have dropped to practically zero and you may be treading inadvertently on others toes, so whilst of course it’s fine pushing yourself out there, at the same time be aware of how your actions could be taken or seen by others. Thing is, Mars leaves your sign on the 15th, and from that time onwards you should start to see a notable decrease in the levels of impatience and frustration that can be amongst the side effects of Mars in Leo. The second half of the month is less challenging: but still, with a difficult Mercury retrograde affecting you subversively, it may be that communication problems in your professional world could surface and become the latest temporary block in your path. If you can manage the apparent urgency of the first half of the month without sabotaging yourself through impulsive action, you’ll find that as October progresses so you will be able to re-integrate yourself with others more comfortably.


VirgoVirgo This is going to be one of those months that goes on and on, and the closer you get to the halfway point the more energy you’re going to find yourself having. There is a fairly low key start to the month, so perhaps it’s a good idea to fill up your reserve tanks of energy, to put something in the bank and to prepare and fine tune yourself for what is to come. But on the 15th of October, this all changes as Mars moves into your sign with a bang. Mars likes it in Virgo: the dynamic and active side of the Martian nature fits very well with the Virgoan attributes of efficiency and effectiveness, and the combination often produces a degree of diligence and attention that is not normally found. Of course, there is also the other side of Mars to deal with, that of the impulsive and volatile, the willingness to act first and think second etc… Nevertheless, if you can override the desire to be potentially in other people’s faces, you can utilise this energy to its highest capacity. It’s better to be assertive and projective as opposed to aggressive or confrontational, but that only comes with sureness and wisdom, which in turn only come with experience. From the middle of the month, the output at the day by day level is going to accelerate, your physical energy levels will start to go through the roof and you’re all systems go – get ready, Mars is coming.


LibraLibra Recent months have seen a downturn in the level of intensity and compression that so typified the first half of the year, but it’s been replaced by a more superficial degree of freneticism that makes it difficult to establish any kind of regular rhythm in life. And this month isn’t going to make that process any easier, at least in the short term. In fact, given the typical Libran propensity for fence sitting, it may be that certain types of inertia and entropy currently in your life could become even more permanently established. But there is an alternative. It is the annual Libran new Moon on the 5th October, and it is in such a powerful place that you could use this to short cut a lot of situations, make sudden choices and actions, and use the new Moon energy to suddenly light a fuse under your own personal rocket. It’s a chance to take sudden action in a way that propels you out of uncertainty and into definition. And sometimes, there’s a definite potential for being this assertive on the grounds that it’s better to try and fail than not to try at all. This is a chance to cut away all the crap that’s accumulated since the start of this year and free yourself up, and chances like this don’t come around that often. This should be the turning point of the year for you, just make sure that you’ve got a firm grip on the reins.


ScorpioScorpio There’s one overriding aspect during October that puts everything else into the shade, this being the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and over the entire month Mercury will no more than eight degrees away from Saturn. On the one hand, this could be seen as a time where you can summarise much of what has happened in 2013 so far, with decisions and actions due in November from choices being made now. Alternatively, it is a month where your capacity for objective, detached and impersonal decisions as opposed to emotive or feelingfull situations is a lot stronger than normal. There may well be conflicting opinions during October, and the nature of structure in your life may take on new meaning. It’s probably best to not be so rigid in your attitudes and ideas at this time, instead staying a little bit behind the scenes and not putting yourself in the firing line. You’re changing your mind – it’s not so much the words that are changing, it’s the attitudes, ideas, opinions and philosophies behind them. It’s not a programming software upgrade, it’s hardware, and the first conclusive results aren’t going to become apparent until the middle of November at the earliest. This is a month to watch and learn, and not to get too deeply involved or to make any big or long term decisions ...


SagittariusSagittarius It’s not often I say this, but October should become one of those months that you remember for all the right reasons. Admittedly, the month starts quietly, but by the time it gets gong things are going to develop in ways that theoretically should bring quite a degree of pleasurable opportunity. The reason for this is that on the 7th of this month, Venus arrives in your sign and then stays resident until at least the end of October. Venus quite likes being in Sagittarius, it likes the simplicity and the clarity that your sign normally brings to things. It’s also comfortable with the more superficial and lightheartedness of Sagittarius. Remember that Venus is the planet most commonly associated with issues concerning value and worth, and what it is that turns you on, whether physical, financial, food, music or otherwise. And whilst Venus in Sagittarius can be quite hedonistic when young, as it ages so the preference for quality over quantity becomes steadily more apparent. It’s when your love life and social interactions become more fun, and when you’re able to cast aside some of the recent troubles and look instead for some of the more pleasurable influences in life. There are no new major challenges at more than the week by week level incoming during October, it’s one of those months where you can treat yourself without losing anything.


CapricornCapricorn What a strange year it’s been so far, and that’s putting it mildly. Your ability to withstand various levels of intensity and pressure has been sorely tested, and in many ways October will be the time of final resolution to a number of issues that have almost plagued you since the start of the year. Finally, Pluto is beginning to move forward again and as a result there will be physical and conscious developments this month that are going to make certain boundaries increasingly clear. Decisions are finally starting to be made from where there is no going back, and hopefully these decisions are being made by you, as opposed to you reacting to them. At the end of the day, who is pulling your strings, are you the puppeteer of your own life? You will find that as October evolves, so you will become increasingly aware of how certain choices are unavoidable, that you’ve had enough time to mull and that now you can start to make informed and objective decisions, no matter how hard. And one thing that Pluto teaches is that the word ‘ruthless’ is not necessarily negative, it is sometimes essential. After all, how can you help anyone else if you’re not in good working order yourself? Putting yourself first is vital sometimes, it’s not selfishness, it’s self-enlightened interest, and now is a time where perhaps your priority really has to be number one.


AquariusAquarius October, if you’re not careful, could be one of those months you’d prefer not to remember. There are a number of different challenges around, and although most of them hold gifts, the way to those gifts can be quite fraught. During the first half of the month, you may find that your ability and even your willingness to meet people halfway can be compromised, and that you’ll not suffer fools gladly to the point where you may not be at your most subtle when dealing with individuals. By the middle of the month, this desire for immediate resolution of challenges gives way to a more sedate rhythm, but even so there are still going to be ongoing challenges. The retrograde Mercury that’s starting during the last third of October can bring mixed signals and confusing communications, particularly in the area concerning family, residence and security. Bearing in mind that the outside world seems to be reacting towards you like a bear with a sore head, perhaps this is not the best month for being outgoing and projective, as that is quite likely to alienate you even further, at least in other people’s eyes. Perhaps best to stay relatively low and keep your powder dry, knowing that this is a temporary blip and that by the early part of next month the astrological weather has shifted this momentary period of pressure and tension. Till then – stay low.


PiscesPisces It’s a month of two very different halves, in that as October starts you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s not a lot going on, certainly nothing worth writing home about. But as the middle of the month approaches, so certain areas of life begin to stick their antennae over the parapet in ways that suggest you’ll have to take note. Particularly your one to one romantic status and situation may come up for scrutiny, and you’re not going to be at your most compliant or gentle when under observation. Whilst there are no sign of any large scale or long term problems at this time, you’ll find that as you get towards the end of the month you’ll find your desire for more independence and autonomy within the confines of the relationship will grow. So if you’re partnered, ensure that your partner knows that they are wanted and valued, but also that they know that for the short term you’re likely to be a little more spiky than normal. In the background, the movement of all of the outer planets continues to bring a slow and gradual refinement and aestheticism into your life, but on the surface October may just get a little manic in certain areas, and if you find that other people are managing to push your buttons, then perhaps your ability to walk away from challenge instead of taking immediate action is a measure of your wisdom.



Steve JuddAbout Steve Judd

Steve was born near Southampton in southern England in July 1955. After leaving the army at twenty, Steve found his first astrological book in 1980, and spent the next years buried in books studying astrological basics, leading to his first consultations in 1982. He is totally self taught. Over the next fifteen years, he expanded his ability by doing 4,000+ chart readings.

In 1994, after many years working at the Glastonbury Festival Green Fields, Steve was a founding members of the Big Green Gathering and is currently on the Board of Directors. Since 1998, Steve has increased his astrological career many fold, starting when he began work for the astrological phone lines. He wrote for Jonathan Cainer, as well as contributing to Jon's web site and column in the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail. During 1999 and 2000 Steve worked as a real-time internet astrological consultant for World International Television. He now works solely for himself.

In the last eight years, Steve's number of consultations has increased to the point where he now has records of over 20,000 horoscopic readings, with a loyal client base, many of whom return for monthly and yearly updates.

Steve has considerable experience of dealing with different media. He has appeared on local radio stations in Cornwall, Bristol, Hereford, Stevenage and the highlands of Scotland amongst others, on local TV in the HTV and GMTV areas, and has national TV appearances to his name. He has his own brand of idiosyncrasies which endear him to his many clients and fans, which coupled with his bohemian and sometimes direct attitude makes him a unique individual.

In September 2003, Steve began studying for the Master of Arts Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Sophia Centre, Bath Spa University. He was awarded his Masters Degree on July 22 2005.

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Venus is dipping on the horizon during May, shortly to disappear and become the morning star in a few weeks time, where once again it will link up with Jupiter and we will get another amazing light show, but this time in the East just before sunrise as opposed to just after sunset.  Venus going retrograde in it’s five times every eight years pentagonal cycle, this time round in Gemini, will bring an all round change and re-evaluation as to how we individually and as a species process and deal with information.  Mars is beginning to pick up speed, heading for mid Virgo and his August date with Saturn with a bit more verve, and of course Jupiter is rocketing through Taurus now, bringing a great deal of growth into the lives of those born in the last ten days of Taurus, although late Scorpio’s, Leos and Aquarians may not appreciate his largesse.  Even the Moons are relatively quiet; although the Gemini new Moon on the 20th is strongly squaring Neptune, so expect further revelations about the nebulousness and deceptiveness of the media.  This month is not going to see any brand new startling changes – instead it will see the first results of the changes of recent months, and these results will start to appear more in our personal lives as opposed to at the big picture.  Except for those getting hit by Saturn, this is not a bad month – perhaps the best of the year so far.  So stupid as it seems, it’s time to cautiously step outside of the cave and back into what’s left of the world, ready to begin again.

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