Great Horned Owl Guardian Totem Spirit Carving

Dimensions: 2 1/4" Tall
Ancient Fossil Mammoth Ivory (at least 10,000 years old)
Arrives in its own fabric pouch, nestled within a gift box, ready for gift giving.

All colors are natural and a result of the minerals that are present in the earth during and after fossilization. Please note that fossil Mammoth and Walrus is thousands of years old and is dug up out of the ground in Siberia and Alaska. It does not originate with any modern day animals.

Sometimes referred to as guardians in the night, with their keen hearing and sight, and ability to fly silently, owls are well suited to their nocturnal lifestyles. The Friendly Guardian Owl carved in fossil Mammoth Ivory is watching everything, but with a smile, reminding us that no matter how serious the situation, humor can still be found.

Owl Keywords: Sight, Wisdom, and Knowledge
Owl reminds you to trust your inner sight. Owl sees through darkness and pinpoints prey under several feet of snow. She is a symbol of wisdom and magic because of her ability to conquer the secrets of the night. Legends speak of the owl's yellow eyes as representative of the sun at night.