Sacred Geometry Pendulum Sterling Silver and Himalayan Quartz

Made with sterling silver and clear quartz, these beautifully clear Pyramid Point Pendulums are powerful tools for balance, meditation and dowsing. Spin the Pyramid Point over each chakra in order to help clear and balance your energy. Use the Pendulum as a focus in meditation, and allow the sphere to help hold and contain your energy. The Pyramid Point Pendulum also makes a very powerful dowsing tool as each has exceptional clarity and craftsmanship.

The Pyramid shape is can help concentrate healing energy, while the sphere holds it like a reservoir, and the water clear crystal point channels it. This pendulum makes a wonderful addition to any type of healing work.

Size of pendulum may vary between 2 - 3 inches depending on the size of the crystal point. The pendulum chain is tipped with either a carnelian or rose quartz ball and each pendulum arrives in its own gift box tied with a ribbon, perfect for gift giving.