Jasmine Cone Floral World Japanese Incense

Shoyeido's Floral World Incense Cones infuse interiors with the nectarous fragrance of a garden in full bloom. Enjoy as these richly colorful scents lift your spirits!

The Shoyeido Jasmine Cone incense gift set comes with 8 individually wrapped cones, plus a biodegradable holder. The Jasmine Cone incense gift set's flower-like packaging makes this a lovely gift, or an elegant and unique party favor.

Master traditional Japanese incense company Shoyeido has made amazing incense for over 300 years! High standards and a deep understanding and respect for incense sets Shoyeido apart. Never tainted with a wood, you receive the pure essence of these amazing blends, unadulterated by wood smoke or chemicals.

Please Note: Shoyeido products cannot be shipped internationally.