Camden Purse in Ebony Slate Waxed Canvas Handmade in USA

The Camden bag has a unique shape I've never seen anywhere else, making it great for the person that likes to take a little bag with them, but still wants it to feel special.

Artist: Erda (Maine Artisan Studio)
Handmade Waxed Canvas Dimensions Approximately: 6'' x 8''
Ebony Slate Waxed Canvas with matching strap
Lined with one Interior Pocket and one Exterior Pocket

Each Erda bag arrives with an information card signed by the artist that made your Erda bag.

Erda is a small artisan studio in Northern Maine.They produce their lines entirely in Maine and only the artist whose name is on the included card has touched that bag from start to finish. This makes each Erda bag, truly a Handmade in the USA product in every sense of the phrase.