Black Obsidian Arrow Head Sterling Silver Wrapped Pendant

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Black Obsidian, a volcanic glass, is an interesting stone in that, not only does it possess the protection and grounding qualities of many black stones, but it also has a strong energy of truth. This is a focus on the actual truth and not our own self perception of ourselves or a situation. There's an old saying that epitomizes this idea: "There's three sides to every story, yours, theirs and the truth." That is the unique quality that obsidian brings. When combined with the arrow head shape, and the idea of the 'Arrow of Truth', this energy is strongly enhanced.

Black Obsidian Arrow Head Sterling Silver Wrapped Pendant
Stone Dimensions: Approximately 1 1/2" Tall x 3/4" Wide
Pendant Height: Approximately 1 7/8" (includes bail)
Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver
Arrives Gift Boxed with 18" Sterling Silver Box Chain

Black Obsidian Properties: Truth, Protection and Grounding

Beautifully wrapped in Sterling Silver by artist Scott McNeely,