Carved Amethyst Spiritual Balance Healing Gems Necklace

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A unique necklace that combines a clean, modern line with just a special touch of vintage style. A beautiful Amethyst round is carved with a feather design, evoking thoughts of the Angelic. Of course an Angelic connection is incredibly suitable for Spiritual and Heaven connected Amethyst. More Amethyst beads are accented by beautiful Blue Kyanite, sometimes called the stone of St. Michael's, for it's ability to not only balance the chakras while never needing cleansing, but also for it's association with the sword of truth. Altogether this is a piece full of subtle strength and spiritual balance.

One of a Kind
Length: Adjustable 16" - 18"

Arrives elegantly gift boxed, ready for gift giving.
Gems: Amethyst and Kyanite

Amethyst Gemstone Properties: Inner Peace, Strength and Meditation
Kyanite Gemstone Properties: Aligning Chakras and Spiritual Attunment

The Kristin Ford line of jewelry was established with a passion for beautiful gems and respect for the energetic gifts each stone has to offer. Each hand crafted piece is designed incorporating meditation, the unique energy of stones and numerology and arrives with a description of the stones and their energetic gifts to help you connect with the properties of your stones. Each piece is created and made exclusively in the USA and a portion of all sales is donated locally, nationally and internationally. Kristin Ford Jewelry has always been known for quality stones and craftsmanship, great use of color and deep meaning. The result is beautiful Jewelry With Meaning.