Dragonfly and Turtle Spirit Fetish Carving

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Dragonfly and Turtle Zuni Fetish by Daisy Natewa in Mother of Pearl

Dimensions: Approximately1 1/2" long
Stone: Mother of Pearl
Artist: Daisy Natewa

Mother of Pearl Stone Properties: Protection, Sensitivity and Imagination. Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Daisy Natewa has a signature style in her miniature carvings, that is unique and very sweet. A turtle swims along with a Dragonfly perched on his back, combining the energies of these two liminal creatures into a wonderful whole.

Dragonfly keywords: Sight, Mastery, and Transition
Dragonfly is able to hover, instantly change directions, move forward, up, down, and even backwards, surpassing all other flighted animals in skill. Dragonfly has strong vision and is able to spot movement 40 feet away while flying up to 30 mph. Dragonfly is a master at what it does, and helps us find mastery within ourselves. Dragonfly teaches us how to live and grow in times of transition and change.

Turtle Keywords: Insight, Longevity, and Mother Earth
Turtle reminds you to look within yourself for emerging opportunities. Symbolizing the union of heaven and earth, Turtle teaches us to use our knowledge and trust our senses. Known for longevity, Turtle often represented ancient wisdom of the earth mother herself.

Zuni Fetishes were considered to be so powerful by the U.S. Government that in the late 1800's Frank Hamilton Cushing was sent out to the Zuni Reservation to live among the Zuni people and investigate and study the mysterious power of the Zuni Fetishes. Zuni fetishes were also so well respected by other tribes, that they were and still are in high demand for a variety of purposes.

Each carving arrives with an information card, and in its own fabric pouch, nestled within a gift box, ready for gift giving.