Gorgeous Drusy Amethyst Freestanding

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Gorgeous Freestanding Drusy/Druzy Amethyst

Measures approx 3 3/8 inches high, 3 1/4 inches wide and 3 inches deep

Drusy Amethyst Properties: Peace, Purification and Calm

If you have a space that needs harmony and peace brought in, this is the stone you want. This Gorgeous piece of drusy amethyst is perfect as a combo display piece, and space protector. Because of its elegance and beauty, this fits right in as decor in any space from an office to your home, but has the added benefit of automatically setting sacred space and bringing purification and peace.

Amythyst is a wonderful stone in all its shapes and forms, but sometimes you just find a piece that's particularly powerful. Since we hear many people desperately in need of positive influences within their environment, I looked over many different large pieces. Of all the ones I saw, none really seemed to hit with any oomph until I saw this one. There's something about the shape, color and overall energy that just comes together in a truly perfect piece.