Handmade Leather Walkabout with African Opal Cross Body Bag

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Handmade Red Leather Embossed Handbag with African Opal Touchstone

Artist: Valerie Anne Szarek (Breezy Mountain Leather)
Handmade Leather Bag Dimensions Appproximately: 8" x 9.5" x 2" (wxhxd)

Strap Rise Approximately: 22"
Strap Total Length Approximately: 50"
(Adjustable strap can be shortened to any length)

African Opal Properties: Emotional Calming, Cleansing and Rebalancing

Beautiful inset Touchstone not only makes for a great accent, but also lets you draw on the power of the mineral kingdom during your travels. African Opal is a beautiful and warm stone that helps ease emotional turmoil while cleansing and balancing the body. Paired with butter soft red leather to bring out the fun and fiery side, these two are a great balance, not just for the eye, but also for the heart, spirit and mind.

About the Artist
Valerie imbues her art with more than unique designs and world-class craftsmanship. In her own words:

"We only use animals taken for food in our work. This trade is a natural recycling and a beautiful way to honor these animals lives and spirits forever. The creation of my bags is done respectfully and with deep gratitude to all those who've given up themselves to us.

I practice Native American traditions of honoring the earth and all her children and work closely with each animals spirit to bring forth the most beautiful, long lasting creations. I am proud to pursue excellence in the world's true oldest profession!"

Every Piece is an Original
All of Breezy Mountain's hand crafted products are designed by Valerie. Trained in the art of Haute Couture she makes all of her own patterns, finding the best leather for each item. Valerie values clean, simple lines that compliment the subtle beauty of organic stones, creating spirited works of wearable art.