Inlay Turquoise Dragonfly Earrings Sterling Silver

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Beautiful turquoise gives these Inlay Dragonfly Earrings a happy and joyful sense, full of motion and energy.

Size: Approx 1 inch wide x 1 1/4 inches tall including earwire
Sterling Silver and Turquoise
Earwire: Sterling Silver
Arrives Beautifully Gift Boxed

Turquoise Properties: Purification, Stability and Calm.

Dragonfly keywords: Sight, Mastery, and Transition
Dragonfly is able to hover, instantly change directions, move forward, up, down, and even backwards, surpassing all other flighted animals in skill. Dragonfly has strong vision and is able to spot movement 40 feet away while flying up to 30 mph. Dragonfly is a master at what it does, and helps us find mastery within ourselves. Dragonfly teaches us how to live and grow in times of transition and change.

These gorgeous Inlay Dragonfly Earrings are inlaid completely by hand. Every stone is cut precisely to fit each slot, meaning each dragonfly is one of a kind.