Koi Fish Inner Spirit Raku Rattle

We are proud to be offering these unique Heart Koi Spirit Rattles from artist John Davis.
Size: Approzimately 2.75” tall x 3” wide

Japanese Koi

A variety of common carp, Koi became prized in ancient times when color mutations changed their once brownish scales yellow, red or blue. Vulnerable but strong, Koi became respected for their determined perseverance and therefor represented courage in Japanese and Chinese folklore.
Keywords: Courage and Transition

Koi are an incredibly gorgeous and graceful fish, not only known for their beauty and perseverance, but also for their longevity. Until just recently when radio carbon tests dated a Greenland Shark at over 400 years old, a Koi by the name of Hanako was the record holding oldest fish at 226 years old. Hanako's age was verified by analyzing the growth rings on her scales, much like the way we anaylize trees. Koi are a highly prized fish that, depending on type, quality and age, can be worth millions. Even so, they are still often overlooked or underestimated, and can also reflect those gifts and treasures that lay submerged, just waiting to be discovered.

Several of our customers have used these beautiful J.Davis Raku Spirit Rattles for wedding favors, employee gifts, retirement gifts and for seniors. The J.Davis Raku Spirit Rattles can be used as an aid in your meditation practice, can help you ground and center, aid in clearing your space, or you can just rattle for the pure joy of playing!

The unpredictable color patterns created by the raku firing process makes each of these Raku Shaker Rattles truly unique and special.