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Our Lady of Guadelupe Limited Edition Solid Bronze Icon - Large

Edition Number: 11/100
Artist: Bianca Maestas
Measurements: 5.75" x 9.75"

Take a meditation or devotional break with this beautiful Limited Edition Lady of Guadelupe solid bronze icon by artist Bianca Maestas. Cast in solid bronze metal, and given a special finishing that lends subtle colors to Mary's clothes, Bianca Maestas has created a beautiful and elegant sculptural piece that conveys the harmony and beauty of the Virgin of Guadelupe. Our Lady of Guadelup is a renowned icon of peace, understanding, and union, as it was her appearance that unified the peoples of Mexico.

The Lady of Guadelupe Limeted Edition Solid Bronze Icon is mounted with a sturdy hanger that will easily support the weight of the bronze, and has rubber pads attached to hang easily against a wall without leaving any marks behind. The Lady of Guadelupe Limited Edition Solid Bronze Icon is signed and numbered by Bianca Maestas.