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Rare Larimar and Lemurian Quartz Macaw Feather Lakota Sioux Medicine Prayer Fan

Artist: Roger Lee
Nation: Lakota Sioux
Size: Approx 14" Tall x 2.625 at Widest Part
Materials: Larimar Lemurian Seed Quartz, Macaw, Deer Hide, Copper, and Pheasant Feathers

Larimar Properties: Emotional Release, Peace, Clarity and Communication
Lemurian Seed Quartz Properties: Ancient Knowledge, Deep Feminiine and Gentle Discovery

Larimar is a rare gemstone found only in a limited deposit in the Dominican Republic. Like the beautiful blue seas it resembles, Larimar has a deep connection to the ocean, though it was born out of the fire of a volcano. Larimar is able to balance polar opposite (like water and fire), and calms both anger and fear. Larimar mimics the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean by helping us find our own clarity.

Sacred feather prayer fans are an ancient tradition that spans many cultures and nations. Sacred prayer fans are used to help dispatch prayers to the heavens, and are considered to hold great healing power. Sacred prayer fans can also be used when smudging or cleansing a space, to bless a person or space, to give gratitude, and during healing work.

Each sacred prayer fan is handmade and just as no two feathers are alike so is every fan unique. Sacred prayer fans are a wonderful healing tool with a myriad of uses that can blend with any tradition or background.