Seal Totem Carved in Fossil Walrus

Dimensions (Length, Width, Height):
1.5" x 0.625" x 0.625"
Ancient Fossil Walrus Ivory (at least 10,000 years old)
Arrives in its own fabric pouch, nestled within a gift box, ready for gift giving.

Fossil Walrus Meaning: Connection with Natural World, Bridge of Time, and Honoring the Past

All colors are natural and a result of the minerals that are present in the earth during and after fossilization. Please note that fossil Mammoth and Walrus is thousands of years old and is dug up out of the ground in Siberia and Alaska. It does not originate with any modern day animals.

Seal is a totem of both water and land. It reminds you that you have access to the deep wells of knowledge within yourself, and just as seals come to land to give birth, so you can bring that knowledge forth into your own world. In animal lore, Seal is the keeper of wisdom and can guide us to what is hidden within ourselves. Keywords are wisdom, self knowledge, and walking between worlds.