Unique Faceted Green Tourmaline Sterling Silver Pendant

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This is a very special piece of Green Tourmaline. It's shade of green is subtly unique, and makes it look almost like Moldavite. Of course, Tourmaline is a much gentler energy than Moldavite, and possesses compassion while teaching to see with the heart. This is a great piece for those who love the look of Moldavite, but find its energy incompatible with theirs. Alternatively, partner this Tourmaline Pendant with a pair of Moldavite earrings to soften Moldavite's intensity.

Artist: TW Designs
Pendant Approximately 7/8" x 1/4"
Materials: Sterling Silver and Green Tourmaline
Arrives gift boxed, ready for gift giving

Green Tourmaline Stone Properties: Joy, Success and Prosperity

Green Tourmaline is a potent stone, but has a gentleness about it that sometimes leads us to underestimate it's power. Friendly and easy to work with, Tourmaline will also teach us to acknowledge and accept our flaws so that we can adjust and adapt, maybe even turning those flaws into strengths, rather than burying them in our shadow selves.