Feathers: Powerful Symbols

September 28, 2020 1 min read

Feathers: Powerful Symbols


"Flight without feathers is not easy."

That quote is as funny as it is true. It's sort of obvious, but sometimes we don't realize what is right in front of our faces. By the same token, never forget that Plautus said it wasn't easy, he didn't say it was impossible.

That's one of the many things that Feathers symbolize to me. The idea that greatness is within all of us, if we but try, and don't trap ourselves into a box. After all, every invention was the result of people that didn't accept the word 'impossible'.

Feathers bring a sense of hope and joy, because again, everything is possible! In a world of endless possibilities, how can we not smile and our hearts lighten? Feathers remind us that structure and form can be as light as a feather, and just as beautiful, and that, conversely, to BE as light as a feather, the structure is important.Feathers remind me of how you must create the structure to fly, and when you do, it's incredible.

Feathers are things of dreams, hopes, happiness and a lightness of heart that fills you with warmth and light. Feathers epitomize how something can be both soft and immensely powerful at the same time. What do feathers mean to you?