About Us

We envisioned our company to be a place bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual.

Whisperingtree.net was launched on Thanksgiving Day of 2006 by a mother and daughter team, Ana and Elizabeth. Our name comes from the rowan tree, also called the whispering tree, which is an ancient sacred tree heavily prominent in Celtic, Greek and Norse mythology. Throughout the folklore there is one common thread: the idea of protection. From saving the life of the god, Thor, to protecting against enchantment and witchcraft, many a person has believed in its protective powers and carried a piece of the rowan tree with them on their travels, placed a cross made from rowan wood upon their wall, or utilized this sacred wood to make items used in their everyday lives.

Others also used the berries for ritual purposes, such as using the bark or berries to dye garments to be used in spiritual ceremonies. The berries were also used in creating alcoholic drinks, as well as making rowan berry jelly. Since the berries contain a healthy dose of Vitamin C, their ability to protect goes beyond myth and legend.

As a tree of protection and sacred knowledge, it seemed only fitting that we used the whispering tree as part of our company. We envisioned Whisperingtree.net to be a place bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual. Our values are quality, integrity and service, and we strive to bring you artisan products that are special and unique. We carry fine gemstone handmade jewelry and unique spiritual gifts. If you are looking for something special for yourself or as a gift, we are confident you’ll find something among our collections.