Singing Bowls: Mystical or Science

December 10, 2020 2 min read

Singing Bowls: Mystical or Science

When something works, it works. It doesn’t matter if we understand the why of it. We’re just thrilled that we have found something that provides relief, enjoyment, or other benefits. If you’ve heard about singing bowls, it might have been from a mystical angle or a scientific one. Curiosity might get the better of you and cause you to purchase one for yourself or you might need a bit more substantiation to consider one. Let’s dive in and discover a bit about singing bowls so you can decide for yourself.


From a mystical standpoint, singing bowls have been in practice for roughly 2,500 years. Although they were most often used in religious ceremonies, their use in meditation goes back quite a while, as well. You might also have heard of singing bowls used in association with the seven chakras with the singing bowl being tuned to a specific note, as listed below, to aid in balancing chakras:

  • Crown – B – Empathy, Unity, Connection to Father/Heaven Energy, and Inner Light
  • Third eye – A – Perception, Ability to See the 'Big Picture,' Intuition, Understanding, Visualization
  • Throat – G – Ability to Speak Your Truth, Communication, Bringing Your Desire into the World
  • Heart – F – Universal/Unconditional Love, Opening Emotions, Balance of Masculine/Feminine
  • Solar Plexus – E – Personal Will, Freedom, Ability to Transform Energy/Thought to Action
  • Sacral – D – Creativity, Union, Partnership, Pleasure, Ability to Physically Process Emotions
  • Root or Base – C – Grounding, Connection to Earth, Security, Trust

From a scientific standpoint, sound therapy isn’t anything new and most people can relate to how certain music and sounds can make them feel calmer and invoke positive feelings while banishing negative ones. It is also believed that sounds can have a healing effect and support the endocrine, immune system, and neuropeptide system. Meditation with singing bowls can be helpful in reaching a deeply relaxing state to reduce stress.

At, we offer a variety of hand hammered singing bowls that have been tuned to specific chakras. While any of the singing bowls can bring balance to your entire energy system, consider the individual notes if you wish a stronger effect on one chakra over the others. Reach out to us if you have any questions about singing bowls.