March 09, 2021 1 min read

At, we believe in the powers of various stones and minerals to provide spiritual and mental healing. We offer these stones and crystals in many forms, from small worry stones you can keep in your pocket to larger pieces to display in your home, and of course in beautiful, handmade jewelry. When it comes to stones used for their spiritual benefits, one of the most popular across the board is amethyst. In this article, we’ll go over some of this stone’s many healing properties so that you can decide whether you want to try our amethyst jewelry for yourself. 

  • Purification-Amethyst is well-known as a stone that is connected with the divine. As such, amethyst can bring in that beautiful angelic/divine energy that helps to purify all it touches. This is especially powerful if you are in any kind of public interface role, or simply have difficult people or situations that you must handle regularly. 
  • Stress Relief-Amethyst is also believed to help relieve stress and anxiety. It helps attract positive energy, and to combat negative emotions such as fear and depression. Many people also use it to promote better sleep and prevent nightmares. 
  • Focus-Lastly, many people use amethyst jewelry to improve their mental focus. This stone is believed to boost the intellect and aid in logical decision making, which makes it a great stone for anyone looking to get ahead or make an important choice.