February 01, 2020 2 min read

Shop for Workplace Stones

We get asked a lot about tools for handling a difficult work environment. We particularly love to recommend stones since they're beautiful and decorative as well as being a wonderful helper.

Jewelry is a particular favorite of mine since it doesn't require desk or shelf space, and you always have it on you, but if you have a physical office, then a hunka' hunka' stone will provide a wonderful anchor and keep the energy set how you like. Too bad we can't control the thermostat as readily. ;-)

Anywho - Here's part one of a list of some of my favorite stones for the workplace

Smoky Quartz: Known as a 'Stone of Power', Smoky Quartz is a great ally in dispelling any inappropriate or negative energies. The stone is dark, but also transparent, giving it a unique ability to shine light while still fully understanding and accepting the dark as well. One of the things I really like about this stone is that it helps us to see and accept all the parts of both ourselves and others which then enables us to break patterns and stop taking on other people's gunk. Essentially we end up in a place where maybe the garbage is still being produced, but we're no longer living in the trashcan.

Black Tourmaline: This is a fantastic protective stone. The entire tourmaline family has an inherent gentleness, but with an incredibly strong core, and Black Tourmaline is no exception and possesses strong, yet gentle ability to ground. It also has the ability to nuetralize inappropriate thoughts or energies, keeping us in a balanced and centered place. What this does for us is enable us to act from a centered place, and oftentimes you'll find yourself reacting in a surprising, but effective manner instead of falling back into the same old patterns.

Labradorite: This is a stone that is frequently underestimated, maybe because it's both happy and flashy. In some ways it reminds me of the tactic of 'look at this pretty thing over here' while the other hand comes in and does the work needed. It also has a bit of a slippery energy in the sense that crud thrown at you simply doesn't stick. In essence it makes you teflon. :-) One of the great things about Labradorite is that its flash makes it very a very pretty stone, and people won't think anything of having it decorate you or your space.

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