Baltic Amber (Joyful Stone) Sterling Silver Tree of LIfe Pendant

Gorgeous tree studded with different color pieces of Baltic Amber is not only a very cool piece, but it also reminds me of the Irish legend of the salmon of wisdom. The salmon lived in a pool surrounded by nine hazelnut trees whose nuts contained all the knowledge of the world. Over time each nut fell into the water and the salmon ate them and therefore gained all the knowledge of the world.

Artist: TW Designs
Pendant Height: Approximately 1 3/8" high x 7/8" wide (includes bail)
Includes 18" Sterling Silver Snake Chain
Arrives gift boxed, ready for gift giving.

Baltic Amber Properties: Joy, Healing and Blessing

Baltic Amber, which is fossilized tree resin, is approximately 44 million years old. Baltic Amber is specifically from regions around the Baltic Sea, and is interesting in that much of it actually washes up on shore, giving it a unique connection to the sea. All amber holds an incredible warmth and joy, and is a wonderful stone for anyone struggling with depression or anxiety, whether on a temporary or lifelong basis. Baltic Amber almost epitomizes 'I like warm hugs' in its energy, and is a wonderful partner stone to wear and work with.