Hand Made Sea Turtle Spirit Shaman Drum 15 Inch

Includes Drum Case and Beater

Gary's drums are beautiful creations to all the senses. Each one has a special life, and is both lightweight and strong. Truly some of the best we've ever seen.

Animal Totem Artist: Amelia Kraft
Drum Artist: Gary Halbach
Hand Made, Hand Painted 15" Cow Hide Drum includes Nylon Case and Drum Beater. Back of drum has a handle wrapped with leather. Color of leather may vary between tan, brown and black. Picture of drum back serves as an example and there may be slight variations from the picture as is normal for handmade products.

Sea Turtle Keywords: Transitions, Perseverance, and Rewards
Sea Turtle face many dangers in their journey to adulthood, but for every danger successfully overcome, they reap rewards. Sea Turtle teaches us to persevere and reap the rewards of our steadfast commitment. As a creature of both land and sea, Sea Turtle also speaks to transitions, and can aid us to create a transition, or support us during a time of transition.

Each hand painted drum arrives with a nylon case and drum beater. Cow hide is a natural hide and tone may vary with changes in humidity and temperature. This is a natural and normal part of working with natural hide rather than synthetics.

Please note that eventually paint may wear with prolonged use over time. This is natural, and is viewed as acknowledging impermanence and the passage of time.