Bison Leather Handmade Bag with Handforged Tree

Bison (American Buffalo) Handmade Leather Bag with Hand Forged Copper Tree

Artist: Valerie Anne Szarek (Breezy Mountain Leather)
Handmade Leather Bag Dimensions (wxhxd): 10.5" x 9" x 2.25"
Strap Total Length Approximately: 36"
3 pockets (2 outside, 1 inside)
Strong magnetic snap

Handforged Copper Tree Meaning: Spiritual Balance, Peace and Strength

Bison/Buffalo Properties: Prayer, Abundance, Gratitude and Growth
Bison reminds you to manifest abundance in your life. Bison signaled a time of prosperity and abundance for the Native Americans. The people made use of every part of the animal, leaving nothing to waste. Bison reminds us to give thanks for the blessings we have already received and those that are still to come.

Made with leather from American Buffalo/Bison, not Water Buffalo.

About the Artist
Valerie imbues her art with more than unique designs and world-class craftsmanship. In her own words:

"We only use animals taken for food in our work. This trade is a natural recycling and a beautiful way to honor these animals lives and spirits forever. The creation of my bags is done respectfully and with deep gratitude to all those who've given up themselves to us.

I practice Native American traditions of honoring the earth and all her children and work closely with each animals spirit to bring forth the most beautiful, long lasting creations. I am proud to pursue excellence in the world's true oldest profession!"