Chartres Meditation Labyrinth Pendant

The Pewter Chartres Labyrinth Pendant allows you to bring the meditation of walking the labyrinth wherever you go. Conveniently sized at 1.25 inches, the Pewter Chartres Labyrinth Pendant arrives gift boxed and in a fabric pouch with a matching 18" chain. Use the hand crafted Chartres Pewter Meditation Labyrinth as a portable way to center and focus your thoughts wherever you travel.

The Labyrinth is seen as a sacred pattern that leads the seeker on a path to its center, with no dead ends or wrong turns. Labyrinths have been documented throughout history as far back as the Bronze Age, and there are designs across different cultures.

The Chartres Labyrinth became identified with the Christian Church in Europe around 350 AD. The 11-circuit Chartres Labyrinth is so named because it is modeled after the Labyrinth set in the stone floor in the nave of Chartres Cathedral in France. It was dedicated in the Cathedral around 1260 AD, and many other forms in this style can be found throughout Europe. The 11 circuits of this labyrinth can be traced on our pieces with the included stylus as one mediates and prays.