Firemans Maltese Cross Pendant Sterling Silver

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Diameter Approx 1 1/8"
Overall Length including Bail Approx 1 5/8"

The pure Sterling Silver Maltese Cross Pendant is an old symbol of protection and honor. The Maltese Cross is used today in modern day firefighter's badges due the story behind the Maltese Cross:

During the Crusades, the Saracens had developed a new weapon in which they put a flammable liquid into glass containers that they threw at the Knights of St. John. When the knights were covered, the Saracens would light the liquid, burning the knights alive. Some of the knights went through heroic efforts to put out the flames and save their brothers and were awarded a special badge of honor - a Maltese cross - and thus Firefighters were born.

This beautiful Sterling Silver version of the Maltese Cross carries elegance and simplicity, while still maintaining a feel of strength, solidity, and protection. This elegant pendant makes a thoughtful gift for your favorite fire fighter or anyone else who is your hero. The Sterling Silver Maltese Cross Pendant is a little over 1 inch in diameter, and arrives in a fabric pouch with an 18" sterling silver box chain, ready for gift giving.