Indochinite Tektite Simple Triangle Pendant

Pendant Height: 7/8" high (includes bail) x 1/2" wide at base
Includes 18" Sterling Silver Snake Chain
Arrives gift boxed, ready for gift giving.

Indochinite Tektite Properties: Protection, Luck and Linking Heaven and Earth

A simple but beautiful pendant, the triangular shape is amazingly eye catching and the deep black color of the Indochinite contrasts beautifully, while remaining easy and versatile to wear.

Indochinites are the youngest tektites on the planet, having occurred about 800,000 years ago. Tektites are believed to be created by a meteor that impacts with enough velocity that it vaporizes itself and surrounding material. These vapors are ejected back into the upper atmosphere where they solidify and rain back down as solids. In antiquity they were known as Fire Pearls. It can provide encouragement to one to gather knowledge throughout the travels of life. It has been held in high esteem in the Orient as a talisman of great power. Polynesian tribal elders believed that tektites would bring wealth and fertility in all endeavors.