5.25 Inch Third Eye Chakra Japanese Rin Gong

Size: 5.25 Inches
Note: A Flat

All of our Rin Gongs are high quality bowls imported directly from Japan. The sound quality of a true Japanese made bowl is quite distinct and totally unparalleled from any other source.

A Corresponds to the 3rd Eye/Sixth Chakra
Chakra: Third Eye/Sixth
Color: Indigo
Element: Light
Location: Forehead, Between the Eyes
Associations: Perception, Sight, Ability to See the 'Big Picture,' Intuition, Understanding, Visualization

These beautiful quality imported Rin Gongs/Japanese singing bowls have wonderful sound quality. When Rin Gongs are tapped with the included mallet, the beautiful, pure tone just rings on.

Rin Gongs are wonderful tools for meditation, focus and calming. Their uses are endless from adding depth to your own personal practice, all the way to uses in meetings, classes and other gatherings to re-focus the group. Additionally, the clean, modern look of the Japanese Rin Gongs makes it very versatile for all walks of life.