Blue Apatite Handmade Pendant in Sterling Silver

Blue Apatite Measures Approximately 1" high x 3/8" wide
Overall Pendant Length Approximately 1 1/2"
Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver
Arrives Gift Boxed with 18" Sterling Silver Box Chain

Apatite Stone Properties: Clairvoyance, Manifestation, Acceptance, Focus, Motivation and Spirtual Attunement

Blue Apatite has a stronger focus on the Throat Chakra, and is very helpful for any blocks relating to the Throat Chakra. This makes Blue Apatite a wonderful stone for issues relating to communication, disconnection between our inner and outer self, self deception or recognition of deception in others, and integration of spiritual insights.

Beautifully wrapped in sterling wire by artist Scott McNeely, this deep Blue Apatite Crystal is an amazing shade of blue. Arrives gift boxed with an 18" Sterling Silver box chain.