Carnelian Ripples Necklace in Sterling Silver

Like drops of water in a pond, every action ripples outwards from that single point. With energizing peridot in the center of each 'drop' we are reminded of our gifts and guided to the true confidence that comes with mastery of our talents.

Artist: TW Designs
Pendant Height: Approx 1 5/8 inch including bail
Pendant Diameter: Approx 1 1/8 inch
Beautifully set in Sterling Silver
Arrives Gift Boxed with 18" Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Carnelian Properties: Creativity, Confidence and  Awaken Inherent Talents

Carnelian is deeply connected with the second chakra. This chakra is a connection point to our ability to hear guidance and our creative ideas. It is that gut sense of true guidance, and Carnelian can help us discern what is merely our own fear speaking vs true messages from the Divine.