Cat with Fishbowl Hanging Ornament

These are a great add on to any gift, or makes a special gift all on its own! The thing I really love about these is how you can hang them all year round if you want, or choose to save them for the tree! :D

Artist: Mary W. DeCaprio (Brick Pond Handiworks)
Ornament Size: 2" x 3"
Arrives gift boxed with blue satin cord and artist tag. All pieces are signed by the artist on the back.

Uh-oh! Kitty's interested in the fishy! This ornament just makes you laugh with the mischievousness that cats are so well known for. Even non-cat lovers can't help but smile!

Each Brick Pond Handiworks Ornament is made entirely by hand in Massachusettes.


About the Artist
Brick Pond Handworks is one of the Massachusetts potteries that continue the tradition of the original Dedham Pottery. Mary W. DeCaprio, a classically trained artist with degrees from Boston University (MFA) and the Kansas City Art Institute (BFA), founded Brick Pond Handworks in 1988. She has taken Dedham Pottery in a new direction by making Christmas ornaments that reflect her own creativity and interests. Nature, history, personal experience and pure imagination provide the inspiration for each design.

Each Brick Pond Handworks creation is made entirely by hand. Slight variation in design and color add character and reflect their unique hand crafted origin. Low-fired earthenware clay is first rolled into a slab from which each design is hand cut. Once cured, each piece is wiped by hand to smooth any rough edges and then hand-painted ensuring special attention to detail. The artist signs each piece guaranteeing its authenticity. The pottery is then bisque fired and glazed. Each ornament is hand finished and decorated with a satin ribbon and gift tag.