Angelic Celestite Stone Egg

Gorgeous Angelic Celestite Stone Egg

Stone Size: Approx 5.5" x 4" x 3" (h x w x d)
Arrives gift boxed, with the pictured cushion

Celestite Properties: Angelic and Divine Energy, Spiritual Strength and Serenity

Celestite has long been known as the stone for connecting with divine beings/energies, primarily angels in general, and in particular, contacting one's own guardian angel. This strong connection with the divine also helps us to develop our spiritual strength, and the serenity that comes with that strength.

This beautiful Celestite Egg has a strong presence and is a good size without being too large. Celestite is stone with more oomph than most people realize at first. In the way of most divine energies, it does not sing it's own praises. It simply is.