Transformative Copper Butterfly Art Sculpture

Created by a local Colorado Artist, these are stunning pieces of art that make a gorgeous statement in any home. These are beautiful year round, and integrate beautifully into holiday decorating too!

Dimensions: Approximately 4.75 x 4 Inches (Includes Antenna)
Materials: Copper

Butterfly reminds you to welcome change with a light and trusting heart. Butterfly teaches that transformation is a beautiful experience. Butterfly is the only animal able to change its complete DNA structure demonstrating total transformation. Butterfly floats on the breeze gracefully dancing, embracing change.
Keywords: Grace, trust and transformation

To make these incredible trees, slag copper is melted to burn off the impurities and then splashed it onto steel to create random and beautiful shapes, the colors the copper takes on are as a result of reaction to varying heat. Thus each piece is totally unique.

Note that exposure to direct sun will alter the colors, and that exposure to water (such as in a bathroom), will cause oxidation, creating a random patina that you may or may not appreciate. For these reasons, we do not recommend these pieces for outdoor or bathroom decor use.