Hand Made Natural Buffalo Hide Shaman Drum 15 Inch

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Drum Artist: Gary Halbach
Hand Made, Buffalo Hide Drum includes Nylon Case and Drum Beater. Back of drum has a handle wrapped with leather. Color of leather on handle varies.

Buffalo Keywords: Prayer, Abundance, Gratitude and Growth
Buffalo reminds you to manifest abundance in your life. Buffalo signaled a time of prosperity and abundance for the Native Americans; the people made use of every part of the animal, leaving nothing to waste. Buffalo reminds us to give thanks for the blessings we have already received and those that are still to come.

Gary's drums are truly beautiful creations to all the senses. Each hide is completely unique and may vary in color and patterning. Often drum owners look to their drum to find hidden totems, symbols and icons in the patterns of the hide. Some even use this as a form of divination in order to help them clear the mind and find an answer.

Each drum is unique and is both lightweight and strong. Truly some of the best drums we've seen.

Each natural buffalo hide drum arrives with a nylon case and drum beater. Buffalo hide is a natural hide and tone may vary with changes in humidity and temperature. This is a natural and normal part of working with natural hide rather than synthetics.

Please note that pictured drums serve as example photos. Colors and hides may vary. Buffalo hide is natural and patterning varies from hide to hide, so your drum may not be identical to the photos.