Huge Soulmate (Tantric Twin) Quartz

Gorgeous Soulmate aka Tantric Twin Quartz

Weight: 9 lbs
Measures approx 9 inches from base to tip and 5 inches across

Soulmate/Tantric Twin Quartz Properties: Harmonious Relationships, Unification of Energies and Balance

Soulmate or Tantric Twin Quartz teaches us how to equalize and balance the energies within our relationships. This applies to all relationships, including family, friends, professional as well as romantic relationships. When one crystal is a bit smaller than the other, then the emphasis is typically on relationships such as parent/child, teacher/student, manager/employee, etc. A Soulmate Quartz teaches us how to harmonize such relationships, regardless of which role we own.

This particular piece of quartz has a rather potent presence, but there's also a kindness about it that keeps it from being overwhelming. I found this piece on a table full of tremendous pieces of quartz, some that were large enough that I'm not certain I could lift them. Even in such company, there was something about this piece that held its own and drew your attention. This quartz doesn't pull you in through its perfection, since while quite beautiful, it does have some nicks here and there, but rather through its understanding and acceptance of your faults as well as your strengths. In fact, there's something about this piece that makes your faults into strengths until there's nothing left but the perfection that is you.