Ripples Red Garnet Argentium Sterling Silver Earrings

Artist: Wendy Forman
Earring Dimensions:: Approximately 2 1/4" tall
Materials: Tarnish Resistant Argentium Sterling Silver and Red Garnet
Arrives beautifully boxed, ready for gift giving

Red Garnet Properties: Health, Creativity and Manifestation
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Wendy once again shows her skill with her masterful forging of her Ripples Red Garnet earrings. The feminine bends and twists perfectly mimic the gentle eddies and currents of a stream, and make for elegant and very wearable statement pieces.

Argentium Sterling Silver is a wonderful new type of Sterling Silver that is tarnish resistant. By changing the mix of Sterling Silver to replace some Copper (added to Sterling Silver to provide strength) with the more premium Germanium metal, Argentium Sterling Silver brings additional ease over time.