Sterling Silver Drops Pendant

Sterling Silver Drops Pendant with Tanzinte Cubic Zirconium, Sapphire Quartz, and Copper Quartz

Pendant Height: 2 1/4"
Arrives with 18" Sterling Silver Rice Chain

The Sterling Silver Drops Pendant withTanzanite CZ, Sapphire Quartz and Copper Quartz Pendant is an elegant piece of fine jewelry. Each stone is beautifully faceted to bring out its color. The Copper Quartz has been given a unique rounded triangle cut, with curving lines to accentuate each corner.

Tanzanite CZ is a stone that brings unification and the ability to see all points of view in a situation. The Sapphire Quartz brings the ability to focus and amplify our ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and the Copper Quartz serves to connect us to the Earth and to our own internal source of energy.

The Sterling Silver Tanzanite CZ, Sapphire Quartz and Copper Quartz Pendant is a unique piece of fine jewelry in solid .925 sterling. Arrives beautifully packaged in a fabric pouch and nestled in a gift box, ready for gift giving.