Argentium Silver (Tarnish Resistant) Earrings with Amethyst Geometric

Artist: Wendy Forman
Earring Dimensions:: Approximately 1 5/8" tall
Materials: Tarnish Resistant Argentium Sterling Silver
Arrives beautifully boxed, ready for gift giving

Modern geometric designs work together in these earrings that make use of negative space as much as it does the positive. With varying textures subtly included, and a nice pop of purple from the Amethyst, this is a very unique and fun set of earrings that is easily dressed up or down.

Argentium Sterling Silver is a wonderful type of Sterling Silver that is tarnish resistant. By changing the mix of Sterling Silver to replace some Copper (added to Sterling Silver to provide strength) with premium Germanium metal, Argentium Sterling Silver brings additional ease over time.