Butterfly Heart Spirit Rattle

Size: Approzimately 2.75” tall x 3” wide

We are proud to be offering these unique Raku Spirit Rattles from artist John Davis.

Includes information card with the following:With their symmetry and colorful wing patterns, butterflies are a multicultural symbol of the grace and beauty of nature. In some cultures they are even a symbol of good health. This innerSpirit Rattle is to encourage: Good Health.

Several of our customers have used these beautiful J. Davis Raku Spirit Rattles for wedding favors, employee gifts, retirement gifts and for seniors. The J. Davis Raku Spirit Rattles can be used as an aid in your meditation practice, can help you ground and center, aid in clearing your space, or you can just rattle for the pure joy of playing.

The unpredictable color patterns created by the raku firing process makes each of these Raku Shaker Rattles truly unique and special. Every raku rattle is truly an individual.

The use of Raku Spirit Rattles is an ancient practice. Shamanic practitioners often used their shaman Raku rattles to clear space or call in the directions. Butterfly reminds us that though the process of transformation can be intimidating, there is great beauty of mind, body and spirit waiting to emerge on the other side.