Gorgeous Crackle Flame Quartz

Gorgeous Crackle Flame Quartz

Size: Approx 4 inches high x 3 inches wide at widest part

Crackle Quartz Properties: Amplification, Energy and Joy

A great choice for those that need to bring in a little laughter and lightness to themselves or their evironment. Quartz is a natural amplifier in all its forms, but Crackle Quartz brings in a sense of energy and joy with it's sparkly, rainbowy apppearance (yes I just made up 'rainbowy' but heck, it's a great description lol). Crackle Quartz, sometimes called Popcorn Quartz, has a bubbly quality not found in other types of quartz.

The carved Flame aspect provides a smooth flow to the energy, and also adds a little touch of fire, enhancing the joy and movement, just like a dancing fire.