Large Zippered Doggie Print Tote by Shorebags

I LOVE that the top of this bag is zippered, and the print is adorable! Nothing spilling out here, making it great for anything you want to use it for. It's also such a great size to fit almost anything you'd want to carry on a plane, to the beach, or even for your kids (two or four legged)! Features reinforced bottom and handles, making it a great workhorse and pockets galore. One exterior pocket, three divided interior pockets, and one large pocket with a snap closure.

Artist: Shorebags
Dimensions Approximately: 24'' x 15'' x 8''
Materials: Cotton with Reinforced Bottom and Handles

Shorebags designs all their bags to withstand tough wear and tear, and last through years of rugged use. Shorebags is inspired by the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, where they are located, and works hard to responsibly source both materials and workforce.

Fabric is sourced from leftover material that would otherwise be thrown away. Shorebags also owns its own manufacturing, and therefore have complete control over their workforce and refuse to employ child labor while providing employment to women in impoverished communities.