Kyoto Autumn Leaves Gift Set Quality Japanese Incense by Shoyeido

Master traditional Japanese incense company Shoyeido has made amazing incense for over 300 years! High standards and a deep understanding and respect for incense sets Shoyeido apart. Never tainted with a wood, you receive the pure essence of these amazing blends, unadulterated by wood smoke or chemicals.

Includes beautiful Ceramic Leaf Incense Holder and a beautifully packaged bundle of Kyoto Autumn Leaves Incense by Shoyeido containing 40 (5.25") sticks.

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Cinnamon and Spices

Kyoto Autumn Leaves — one of Shoyeido's all-time best selling fragrances — is now available as a beautiful gift set alongside a handcrafted, 4 1/2" ceramic incense holder. Created over 30 years ago to evoke the autumnal splendor of Kyoto's Arashiyama district, Kyoto Autumn Leaves is a true classic within the world of incense. A poetic blend of high quality cinnamon and sandalwood perfectly captures the mood and beauty of a fall day.

I have to add a personal note here - I used to hate incense with a passion reserved for very few things. My dislike was intesified by the fact that I always got nasty migraine headaches from the incense that I had tried to that point. Shoyeido made a complete convert out of me, and now I adore their incense. Shoyeido is the only incense I have ever tried that does not give me headaches or provoke extreme revulsion on my part; quite the contrary, I burn it very regularly. I can only put this down to Shoyeido's honestly representing the purity of their ingredients and their committment to use of real ingredients and avoidance of chemical scents in their incense.

Please Note: Shoyeido products cannot be shipped internationally.