Dogwood Flower with Moonstone and Pearls Earrings

Dogwood Flowers with Pearl Earrings by Sherry Tinsman

Earring Length: Approximately 2 1/2"

Handmade and handforged by Sherry Tinsman, her unique and feminine style shines through in all her floral work. These are a soft and feminine set of earrings that still hold a strong impact.

Dogwoods are an ancient tree with many uses. Its wood is so hard it can split other types of wood. It has been used to make spools, dowels, baseball bats, and shingles. It has also been used to treat fever, and to repel vermin. In current day, dogwoods are used in gardens frequently for their beauty. The flowers of the dogwood, recreated by Sherry Tinsman, reminds us delicacy and beauty can accompany strength and usefulness.

Arrives beautifully gift boxed, ready for gift giving.