Inlay Pueblo Pendant in Sterling Silver

I see this piece as the proverbial 'light in the dark.' There's only one 'lit' window in the piece, signified by the opal, and it reminds of late night study, discoveries and success on a project when you've finally hit that stride. The light seems to be beckoning you to come and share the knowledge.

Dimensions: 1 3/4" tall (includes bail) x 7/8" wide
Sterling Silver, Jasper and Lab Grown Opal
Includes 18" Sterling Silver Italian Made Snake Chain
Arrives beautifully gift boxed.

Jasper Properties: Grounding, Nurturing and Wisdom
Opal Properties: Protection, Faith, Justice and Harmony

Jasper is completely a stone of the Earth, and is both extremely nurturing and kind, while grounding the wearer. Jasper also brings the deep wisdom and understanding, inherent to the Earth.

Opal is protective, but also brings a sense of faith and hope, while helping to balance the scales and bring harmony. Some may have heard the rumor that Opal is a stone of bad luck, but that's a myth originating in an 1829 novel by Sir Walter Scott. Previous to that novel, Opal had no negative associations whatsoever, and was highly prized across the world and into ancient times.

This gorgeous Inlay Pueblo Pendant is inlaid completely by hand. Every stone is cut precisely to fit each slot, meaning each pendant is one of a kind.